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And we do mean, COOL - like ICE, man. Set in the rebel 1970's, the crazy 80's, and wild 1990's, this is what dating, loving, and lust was like before the advent of AIDS and smart phones! These REAL LIFE stories are so hot and funny that they are just ice cool. (PM Copyrights 2016, 2017, 2018 -all site content, various entities)

Featured work - An unbelievable, yet true, love story told in a "she said, he said" format.  Written as a storyboard film treatment using actual photos, this is one hilariously exciting story of romance and adventure.

FREE ASCENT: Scuba diving with Adonis in Rio de Janerio... GRAPHIC NOVEL / FILM TREATMENT...

This is an incredible TRUE LIFE adventure love story set in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro.  The time is set during in the mid-1980s, during the first years of the country‚Äôs historic change to a democratic government after decades of a military dictatorship.   The country has a strong belief that the future holds a better life for all.

  • People everywhere are smiling and friendly.
  • Crime is low, and there are very few guns or gangs in the streets.  
  • The beaches and oceans are clean and without crowds.

It is a great time to be young, alive, and in love. Especially when the hero is a Greek god come to life in the form of real-life Adonis. 

 Have YOU ever made love under a waterfall? We did...

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